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History Of Key Lime Pie

After having a full spice meal, what do we prefer? Yes, a total delight dessert to sweeten our taste buds. Desserts are the last course of the meal, say, paying tribute to the whole meal. With their light sweetness, they are the most craved food in the world.

A good dessert can fulfill your craving and also make your mood happy. Key lime pie is one of the easiest and famous desserts in America.

key lime pie

It is a dessert made of key lime juice, egg yolks, and sweetened condensed milk. It is an American dessert. Notice that there is a difference between crucial lime and just lime. That is, key limes are more aromatic, tartaric, and have more floral juice. They are also known as Mexican or Indian lime. They are a little yellow and have more seeds in them.

topping and no topping

They may be served with no topping or simple topic of egg white cream in case of serving.

secret ingredient

What do you think makes the key lime pie delicious? Is it key lime? no, key lime may be the main ingredient of this pie, but the secret ingredient that is the cause of its smoothness and deliciousness is none other than sweetened condensed milk.


Before serving, it is preferred to cool it in a refrigerator to dense the ingredients a little. You can also store the leftover key lime pie for four days.

role of key lime

The key lime in the pie plays a significant role. One due to its taste, and the second is its ability to kill bacteria because of its strong flavor.

history of key lime pie

Like every other famous meal, key lime pie also holds its history of invention and getting recognized.

florida, key west

Key lime pie is quite famous in Key West. It is said that this pie was invented in Florida, Key West, where there is abundant growth of fresh tartaric key limes and the main ingredient of key lime pie.

But there is evidence proving that Florida and its folks weren’t the real cause of the invention of this fantastic dish.

aunt sally

It is said that it was aunt sally who created this dish back in the 1800s. But few say that she added the delicacy and did not introduce the real key lime pie.

fishers of key west

Due to their business, fishers of Key West had to stay by the shore and ate their packed food. They had sugar, lime: milk, and the ingredients enough for them to make a pie in them. Word spread, and thus key lime pie was made.

written recipe

The recipe for key lime pie was written after the 1930s. Before that, it was just a local dessert enjoyed by the folks of Florida. Due to the lack of natural milk, they added the condensed sweet milk, which proved to be the right decision for the pie.

Whether the history says, this dessert represents Florida and its culture. Thus, making it believable that Florida is the origin of key lime pie.

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