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Fried Tomatoes Vs. Fried Okra

In fast and restaurant food, the most renowned are either the pasta pizza family or the fried family. When talking about fried food, let me take your opinion regarding fried okra and fried tomatoes. Out of both of them, which one will you prefer? Both enriched nutrition eatables are pretty popular when served after a fried form. But before jumping straight on the battle, let us first know some points of these two.

tomatoes and okra


Tomatoes are known as fruits because they form a flower and contain seeds. These are edible berries of the plant Solanum Lycopersicum .tomatoes are low in calories and are nutritious. They are rich in vitamins existing naturally and minerals. They protect our heart health and boost our digestive system. They are grown under particular conditions.


Okra is a plant that is well known as a lady’s finger in many countries. This green vegetable has the scientific name of Abelmoschus esculentus. It is a flowering plant of the mallow family. Okra is a source of fiber, vitamins, antioxidants, and minerals.100 grams of okra has 33 calories. It has anti-cancer properties and also good to control sugar. Moreover, it is beneficial for kidneys as it reduces kidney damage.

friend tomatoes

Fried red and green tomatoes are the most eaten crispy and nutritious dish by masses. Friend tomatoes are good for your health as well as they, with their fat, combined prevent heart diseases and cancer. To many people, fried green tomatoes fried under cornmeal crust tastes like candy because of their sweet texture.

While using tomatoes for frying, choose the firm green tomatoes. You don’t have to fry the tomatoes for so long. Just coat the tomatoes with flour and fry in heated oil for two to three minutes. If the oil is not heated enough, your fried tomatoes can get soggy too.

Fried green tomatoes are a part of southern food couture, and they are often served as in a salad or topping of burgers in restaurants. They are a good source of vitamins A and C and potassium.

fried okra

Fried okra is made by slicing okra pods, coating them in buttermilk, and then placing them in flour, cornmeal, and seasoned mixture. Now dip them in heated oil to fry. Fried okra has a taste that of okra but a little mind and grassy. Okra becomes crunchy when fried fast, but on slow frying, they become tender. Its flavor is compared with eggplant and green beans.

It is optional to cook okra in vinegar plus water to reduce its slime.

Fried food is, although not a good option as nutritious food, fried okra is the one. It offers many nutritional benefits. It has a lot of soluble fiber that is the cause of healthy cholesterol levels and insoluble fibers, promoting a healthy digestive tract.

Frying okra is one of the easiest things to do. All you have to do is wash the okra, coat them in whatever seasoning you want and then fry them in the pan in heated oil. Fry them until they are tender and take them out.

Its most significant advantage is that you can store them in the fridge for four o five days.

Now after knowing all about fried okra and fried tomatoes, which one will you prefer?

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